Most Common Causes of Fire in the Workplace

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One of the most common natural hazards that affect industries and business alike, is fire. Businesses can do a lot to protect themselves from fire, but the best defense would be to prevent it in the first place. When a fire occurs, it damages and destroys property, causing a humongous loss in terms of dollars.

A fire hazard can prove to be dangerous for the employees too. Workplace fires can cause fatal injury or even death to employees. With the right knowledge and guidance, such accidents can be averted in the nick of time or earlier. The most common causes of fire at the office can easily be prevented with the proper training and precautions.

Electrical Fires

About 25% of all fire accidents in workplaces occur due to a malfunction in either a piece of electrical equipment or electrical wiring and sometimes both. One simple way to avoid issues with electrical fires is to set up an electrical safety program.

It is best to have all your employees thoroughly accustomed to the safety procedures. In order to maximize his or her safety, an employee should learn how to use the tools and equipment properly. All extension cords should be carefully inspected before usage at the office, and if found faulty, they must be removed and labeled as faulty. Insufficient maintenance can cause equipment to deteriorate, and this can result in unsafe conditions.  

Combustible Materials

Many industrial setups use lots of chemicals in their manufacturing processes. One danger that looms such industries is the combustibility of the chemicals used in the processes. Careless handling of flammable materials leads to a greater risk of a fire accident. In case a flammable liquid is spilled, the vapors begin to spread all over the place. If these vapors ignite, they pose a great threat to the business.

In case of any such liquid spill, the cleanup must follow instantaneously, as the vapors continue to grow more toxic. These vapors are potentially dangerous as they can get ignited through various sources. Perhaps the best way to avoid fire is to implicitly follow the standard fire extinguisher accessories guidelines.

Human Error

Sometimes the sprinkler system does not work as planned, and such system failures are mostly human errors. And sometimes the water supply is mistakenly turned off at the time of the fire. The success rate of fire prevention is primarily dependant on the pre-planning, equipment quality, preparation, and the alertness of the personnel. Employees and the fire personnel must be sufficiently acquainted with the usage of fire extinguishers.

General Negligence

Another common cause of the fire in the workplace is human negligence. These are a bit different from the fires caused by human error. Fire due to negligence occurs when an employee doesn’t follow the fire guidelines and procedures. Simple common sense, the presence of mind, self-awareness and strict adherence to policy is a great way to prevent fires due to human negligence. Placement of fire safety signages in the most common areas of the workplace is a simple and effective way of keeping the fire at bay.

Prevention of Common Causes of Fire at Workplace

Prevention of fire should ideally be considered as a part of everyone’s responsibility. Employees can help to keep the workers are safe and clutter-free, thus avoiding fire breakouts. Also, making sure extra care is taken while working with hazardous chemicals and inflammable materials can prevent most of the fire accidents. And, of course, the best way to avoid any fire is proper training and education about fire safety.

In Conclusion

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