Shims & Washers

A washer plays vital role in overall performance & delivery of your product. At SNG Metals, we produce custom-built washers for different industries. Our high-quality washers will help keeping your engines, pneumatic tools, brake systems, exhaust system etc running smoothly Having a vast experience of more than 4 decades we manufacture more than 27 Million Washers every year. India’s leading OEM’s from Two – Wheelers, Tractor Industry, Industrial Tool Manufacturers, Earth Moving Equipment, Engine Manufacturers buys directly from us.    Our washers comes in a variety of different styles and materials, such as copper, nylon, felt, beater addition, stainless steel, brass, bi-metal and more.


We have a wide range of variety of washers available off the shelf . Please check out the list of products available off the shelf for your immediate requirements. The floating inventory details are as follows :
  • Copper
  • SS
  • Brass
  • Aluminium
However, In Case you are looking for something customised, our team can have your washers manufactured and delivered to your doorstep in typically 2 weeks of placing order. Please contact us to get a quote.

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