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SNG Solar unit of SNG Metals Pvt. Ltd. is authorized to install Solar Energy Solutions. This package contains everything you’ll need to select a solar energy plan that’s right for your business, including facts and figures supporting the expected outcome a solar energy system will have on your overall costs, and projecting when your new system will “pay for itself” in energy savings.

Everyone agrees, that the tree is the best friend for man on this earth. Yet we go on felling them without any qualms. Only when the last tree has been cut and the last river poisoned, we will come to know that we cannot eat money. This beautiful earth needs to be treated with more respect. Let us do it right now…

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Core Competencies

Superior engineering, product design and delivery

Quality and cost balance

On-time execution and delivery

Cost optimization through intelligent engineering

Optimum energy generation and distribution

Reliable after-sales support

Our Positive Approach & Aim


Our main talent pool is young, energetic technical team backed by years of experience and expertise gained by serving Solar power Plant industry. The approach and Business processes are always inspired by thinking out of box.


SNG has always aimed at achieving the perfect knowledge and skills to arrive at innovative customer-centric t blend of solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations as well as act as a catalyst in enhancing our clients’ business. Our objective is to deliver the best high-quality products on time at a minimum cost.

Got an Incredible Project Right Now?

This helps ensure quality, schedule and that we’re all working toward same goal

Why Go Solar?

Why should one go for Solar Power Solutions

Net Metering

Helps in getting a net off for yourunused electricity produced, through solar power solution

Generate Electricity Aa Source

Helps in eliminating distribution losses


Helps in monetizing vacant space

Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO)

Take a meaningful step towards a greener planet. Solar solutions helpin RPO fulfilment through a clean and green energy production

Claim 100% Depreciation

Helps in getting100% depreciation in 3 Years

SNG strongly believes in business
Ethics & Values


Team Work

We believe that the team work is the key to Success



We believe that Leadership is an action


Customer Focus

We believe to focus on good Customer Service


Respect for one & All

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Safe & Healthy Environment is our Priority

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Social Responsibility

“ be the change you want to see in the world”



We believe that Integrity is the seed for Achievement



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Types of Mounts

Seasonal Tilt

Seasonal Tilt

Double Pole Static Structure

Double Pole Static Structure

Roof Top Structure

Roof Top Structure

Seasonal Tilting Structure

Seasonal Tilting Structure

Single Pole Static Structure

Single Pole Static Structure

Single Pole Tilting Structure

Single Pole Tilting Structure

Roof Top Structures

(500W to 1000kW)

Slanted Roof Structures

(1 kW to 1000 kW)

Aluminium Solar Structures

Ground Mounted Structures

(1 kW to 1000 MW)

In-house Facilities

Customer Services

SNG Believes in Good customer service means helping customers efficiently, in a friendly manner . Providing good service is one of the most important things that can differentiate your business from its competitors.

  • Providing quality product or services
  • Satisfying the needs / wants of the customer
  • Resulting in a repeat customer

We Care For Enviornment

The world that surrounds us is extremely beautiful and it is our duty to keep it the same for generations to come. The new technology that harvests and transforms solar energy in our type of energy is actually the future and, the more people know about this, the faster the healing process can begin for our planet. This is why it’s important to use every possible channel to transmit the news about green energy to the world.